underground divine

once upon a time was lonely prince birigogos ..he was thinking all the time trying to find a solution at the problems of life and being/birigogos knew he was diferent than the others and he was isolated cause all the others thought he was
crazy many times birigogos thought all the world was against him/
till he was addikted to drugs he wasnt thinkin of his misery he confronted all the others he was thinkin only himself felt like a god till one day he almost lost his mind/so in a flash he started talkin to god an wanted to b fine an having all things ordinary people have.instead of losing his mind an cause he was feelin inocent god heard him/
so with a lot a faith and effort he b came manager of a company, stoped wearing black,bought a big house a sports car he met a woman that loved anal sexan fall in live had a dog that loved him an sun is shinning/all this staryed fadin away bout birigogos was happy cause he asked for it ..so s saturday that was of work and was out an chlling saww this ray falling at this mushroompsycoactive that was called the flesh of god and thinking that was god will , he ate the mushroom
 since that time noone saw him again .its believed that last time some documentarists saw him in the amazon river they thought he was an native but when they were close he said to their languages 'i m an anarchist'and a strange shine in his eyes that day he disappeared an nobody saw him again/after that documentary was shown he b come an urban legent an many paople thought they show him a t perou
maxu pixu at inkas an maja s runs at native indians with old chinise and hindu gurus ..the dervish at anatoliaat himalaias with monks st deserts of australia at thhe islands of pasha at aslands of carribean with local samans ..they thought they saw him at alll places in the world one could get knowledge/
till one day he was sittin under a palm tree and  entered the higher levels of existence he felt worm and wise he reached enlightment he became a god/and he go out talking to people that he wanted to say...he became the messiah of his era

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